no. 107 ~ Colorful Buri Nut Bracelet ~

A three strand macrame bracelet with natural Buri Nut beads in fun colors with an adjustable pull closure.


no. 106 ~ Chinese Turquoise and Brass ~

Flat and round Chinese Turquoise Beads in olive green with brass and wood. Knotted in brown nylon cord with an adjustable pull closure.

no. 104 and no. 105 ~ Pearl, Onyx and Coral ~

This is my last post until we are settled on a new continent! My daughter and I leave next week, and I must pack my materials. I am looking forward to all the beautiful amber the Baltic Sea has to offer and exploring new markets. I won’t be away from the blog for too long because I know I can’t keep away from my cords and have already planned what to knot on the plane.

Two adjustable closure bracelets for today, made in thin brown nylon cord. The first with a single strand of gorgeous, metallic in color pearls. The second with two stands of onyx and coral.

no. 102 and no. 103 ~ Macrame Bracelet and Rosary ~

Natural seed and black plastic beads on brown nylon cord with an adjustable pull closure.

A rosary knotted in brown nylon cord with wood beads and silver color pieces. I remade it for a customer who asked to have the spacers shortened. You can see the original here.

no. 100 and no. 101 ~ Knotted Bracelets in Yellows and Browns ~

A tiger eye and yellow jade bracelet knotted with the crown sinnet on brown nylon cord. It has an adjustable pull closure.

Almost an exact replica of no. 40 I made for a friend. Bright yellow stones on brown nylon cord with an adjustable pull closure.

no. 90 and no. 91 ~ Beaded Macrame Bracelets ~

I’ll be doing more posts like this, with a couple of knotted pieces per post. My family and I are moving to Europe and I am busy packing and cleaning and purging stuff. I still get to make jewelry everyday, just don’t have enough time to spend on the computer.:)

These pictures were taken on a palm tree leaf. I was packing some books and heard it fall outside the window. I went out and it looked so nice, I had to use it!

Raw amber and wood beads knotted in yellow waxed cord using the square knot with a buttonhole closure.

Black wood beads on white waxed cord knotted using the half knot sennit with a buttonhole closure.

no. 89 ~ Macrame Bracelet in Waxed Cord ~

Today, I made a bracelet with some brown, waxed cord that I found in my husband’s studio. I’m not sure if it was meant for macrame, but it was easy to work with and held the double half hitch knots well. I gave it a buttonhole closure.


no. 86 ~ Wood Butterfly Bracelet ~

I felt like making something a bit delicate, so I got my thin nylon cord and small wood beads to make this bracelet. I used the square and butterfly knots and gave it an adjustable pull closure.

no. 85 ~ Knotted Jade Bracelet ~

Today, I used brown nylon cord and beautiful jade cylinders. I knotted them with the square knot and gave it an adjustable pull closure.